More than 17 million French people are active on Instagram! (source Agence Tiz )

Wow ! No wonder the question we are asked most often is:

How to get more subscribers on this photo sharing network?

And here is what Laurent  answers to our customers most often:

Many entrepreneurs are not ready to do the work necessary to manage daily an Instagram audience that generates real business results. They are only looking for advice on buying subscribers. And you want to know Audrey a not so secret secret? This laziness leads to an Instagram account with a lot of subscribers, but no commitment – and therefore no turnover.

So here are my top 19 tips for managing your company’s Instagram account.

None of them guarantee you overnight success. But by applying it to the letter, this advice helps bring steady growth and engagement.

You understand, I do not give you any list of sites to buy your subscribers on Instagram. But, read these tips carefully to develop your subscribers and increase engagement the right way.

You are ready ?

Instagram is one of the hottest social platforms out there right now and you need to be interested in Instagram, especially if your market is targeting millennials.

Even if Instagram is a rather closed social network, it is a powerful tool for winning new customers.

So how do you get more social engagement on Instagram and make sure that engagement is permanent?

Note : I do not cover in this article all the advertising possibilities that Instagram offers. We always consider that you have to master the fundamentals before investing a few dollars.

Understanding Instagram to boost your presence

Understanding Instagram to boost your presence

Instagram , for those who don’t know, is a platform for sharing photos that have been retouched with filters.

Each published photo is found in the photo stream of your subscribers.

Previously, photos appeared in chronological order in the flow of your subscribers. Today, this is no longer the case. Instagram makes them appear in an order according to his interests.

And this order is defined by an algorithm, much easier to understand than that of Google .

How Instagram's algorithm works

The Tiz agency infographic above describes the Instagram algorithm in detail.

I remember that this algorithm is largely inspired by that of Facebook. In this sense, it displays fewer and fewer publications in your news feed to favor Instagram Ads.

The commitment and freshness of a publication are also important criteria.

That’s why you probably see photos of your best friends at the top of your feed every time you log in, while photos of companies you interact with little are more difficult to find.

In fact, the only thing to know about the Instagram algorithm: the user is king.

Seen from the user side, the Instagram algorithm is pretty good. Indeed, you see very personalized content.

However, as an entrepreneur, you seek to reach as many people as possible. For this, only one solution:

you manage to be as high as possible in the flow of a user .

Obviously, it is a challenge, but it is not mission impossible.

Photos of your best friends appear at the top of your feed because you interact a lot with their posts. The same rule applies for all accounts including those managed by a company. It’s that easy if you want to shine on Instagram.

As a result, for a photo to reach its audience on Instagram, post high-quality content that your audience will engage with.

Here are some ideas to post to boost your company’s Instagram account:

  • Share funny photos taken in the “back room”,
  • Republish photos of your subscribers,
  • Post videos,
  • Organize contests and promotions,
  • Post photos on current events,
  • Tell funny and / or inspiring stories…

Without forgetting to:

  • Publish regularly . Better to publish 2 or 3 times every week than once a day for 10 days and nothing more the rest of the month,
  • Interact . Instagram highlights users who interact regularly on posts from other accounts,
  • Take advantage of the hashtags in order to appear in the Explore Page and ultimately get more interactions.

In short, all the points that I describe to you later. But before going through them, it is necessary to define your objectives.

Set your goals to boost your Instagram account

Set your goals to boost your Instagram account

Whether you start on Instagram by sharing your first photo or you are already active, to strengthen your presence on this social platform, it is important to start by setting clear objectives.

Setting goals helps define your Instagram presence and create content to reach them.

Here are some examples chosen by the companies Laurent and Mathieu advise:

  • Present your products or services,
  • Build your community,
  • Increase your brand awareness,
  • Highlight the culture and values ​​of your company,
  • Be visible to prospects,
  • Increase brand loyalty,
  • Share your business news.

It is best to restrict yourself to 1 or 2 goals for your Instagram profile, from the list above or other goals closer to your expectations.

To decide what your goals are, review the following questions:

  • Why use Instagram?
  • How will Instagram help you reach your overall Marketing goals?
  • How much time and / or budget do you want to spend on Instagram?
  • How does Instagram bring you something different?

Now let’s review my 21 tips for boosting your Instagram account.

Obviously, I advise you beforehand to migrate your personal account into a professional account .

1. Optimize your Instagram profile

Boost your Instagram account - Optimize your profile

Your Instagram profile is the home page on the platform. This profile gives you space to share a little information about your business and to drive traffic to your website.

Here’s how to optimize your Instagram profile and get the most out of it.

Bio / description

Instagram - 21 Tips to Make Your Business Shine

(source Mounir Digital )

The organic must describe your brand. The sentence must be representative of your company and clearly indicate to your subscribers your offer. Highlight what makes you unique.

Most companies tend to include one or both of the following options:

  • Your brand’s tagline (for example, “Just Do It” from Nike),
  • A brief description of who you are and what you do.

Some major brands also choose to include the “hashtag” of their brand which we will discuss below.

Profile picture

The profile picture is one of the most important parts of your profile if you want to boost your Instagram account.

When someone views one of your photos or clicks on your profile, it is essential that your brand is immediately recognizable.

Most companies use one of the following 3 options:

  • Their full logo,
  • Their logo without the words,
  • Or their mascot when they have one.

At #audreytips, we keep it simple and use the official photo of your virtual coach.

The link

Unlike other social networks, Instagram does not allow adding a link to each publication. You have the right to only one link, that of your profile.

Most companies use this link to redirect traffic to their home page. But that link can also be a way to drive traffic from Instagram to a campaign-specific landing page or to content.

Some brands, like starbucks , do this very well. Right now, the Starbucks profile link on Instagram invites you to download the app on iPhone.

But you can opt for this other practice.

Each time you post content to your corporate blog:

  • Share a relevant image or video on Instagram related to your article,
  • Then update the link in your Instagram profile to link it to this content.

It’s very effective. On the other hand, it is also time-consuming and source of errors or oversights since you must change the link of your description for each new article published on your Blog.

2. Define a clear editorial line

Boost Your Instagram Account - Define A Clear Editorial Line

The editorial line is the identity you want to give to your account on Instagram.

As an entrepreneur, post photos about your business and industry.

Please stay on this topic.

Avoid posting your vacation photos or do it on another account to which you invite your friends. But that’s another subject !

And this for 2 reasons:

  • If you change the subject, your subscribers will feel lost. And their defection can be important,
  • It is easier for new subscribers to follow you if they clearly identify that your editorial line corresponds to one of their centers of interest.

3. Post great pictures

Instagram - Post great pictures

On Instagram, if your photos are beautiful and original, your followers are loyal and numerous. With this first piece of advice, I break open doors.

However, it is too common to see blurry and poorly framed images. If you’re posting an image on Instagram, make sure it’s of good quality.

Do not consider Instagram as an accessory among all the tools you use for your actions in Digital Marketing.

To get good results with Instagram – like any other social network for that matter – seek perfection.

Even if Instagram is positioned as the social network for sharing photos taken with a mobile, the most cunning companies do not use photos taken with their phone unless they are of excellent quality.

Instead, to boost your Instagram account, take very high resolution photos with a professional device  then upload them to Instagram from your mobile or an ad-hoc tool from their PC.

My advice : surf on Instagram from your PC to find the images that perform best in terms of likes in your field of activity. And get inspired when you take yours.

Images, but also videos

Posting photos is good. But posting videos is even better!

Be careful not to abuse videos  : 1 or 2 videos per week is the correct number to keep the attention of your audience to the maximum.

4. Share unique images

Instagram - Share unique images

If you’re hosting events, post photos of places or times your visitors can’t photograph.

Everyone likes to be considered a VIP who has access to what others never see.

So to boost your Instagram account:

  • Post photos when preparing for an event or behind the scenes,
  • Or, if you are coming out with a new product soon, generate interest with teaser-like photos,
  • Obviously, I encourage you to also show the inner workings of your business.

5. Enhance your photos with text

Instagram - Enhance your photos with text

Instagram is mainly based on photos and videos.

As a result, it is difficult to stand out with just one image.

So add text within the photo to boost your Instagram account. Your message gets easier than in the description of your image.

My advice : this can be a call to action (CTA), a quote or an announcement. Nothing is easier if you use Canva  to add your text.

6. Republish photos of your subscribers

Instagram - Repost photos of your subscribers

Reposting photos or videos is a great way to boost your Instagram account.

It is also a significant time saver since you do not have to take the photo.

If you find a nice image posted by one of your customers using your product, republish it.

For example, if you manage the Instagram account of a clothing brand, share the most beautiful photos of your subscribers wearing clothes from your latest collection, always mentioning them.

Not only do you show that you are interested in their content and that you are monitoring everything that is going on Instagram around your brand.

But in addition, your subscribers imagine that they too may be lucky enough to be present one day on your account!

It’s a very effective way to boost your company’s Instagram account.

So, make a screenshot and repost the photo, don’t forget to mention the creator with his username ( @audreytips ).

But, “there is also an application for that”. And even several. The most popular are InstaRepost  or Repost for Instagram .

Note : Siècle Digital announces that Instagram is testing a new “Regram” button. If this feature is selected, republishing a photo of one of your subscribers will be standard in the application. No more making screenshots or installing a third-party application.

7. Spread your promotions

Instagram - Broadcast your promotions

Some companies are very creative in encouraging engagement with discounts for their subscribers.

So, you too, create a special promotion on some of your products or services.

For example, for every 50 likes obtained, reduce the price of an item by 5 euros. It’s up to you to set up the right mechanics, making sure that it is both a “seller” for your subscribers and that you don’t ruin your margin.


8. Ask questions

Instagram - Ask questions

Another idea to increase your engagement on Instagram is:

  • To ask a question,
  • Or create a survey with the question entered on the image.

Then get people to respond in the comments. It will stimulate engagement and Instagram’s algorithm will notice it immediately.


9. Organize a competition

Instagram - Organize a contest

On Instagram, contests work pretty well. So what better way to create engagement than a small competition?

Here is an example of a contest: encourage your subscribers to republish one of your photos by asking them to follow you, mention you and / or affix a specific hashtag.

Do not forget to offer a lot worthy to boost your Instagram account. Your subscribers do not enter the game for a voucher of 0.50 euros!


10. Also publish “stories”

10. Also publish "stories"

Instagram source )

Since 2016, Instagram has integrated the “story” option similar to that of Snapchat. With a “story”, you share a photo or a video with all of your subscribers, but for a duration of 24 hours.

Stories appear at the top of the app on the newsfeed: the first place your subscribers see when they sign in to the app.

With a “story”, you keep your community engaged even without beautiful photos to offer them. And above all, they are part of your daily life and they “humanize” your account.

11. Geotag your photos

Boost your Instagram account - Geotag your photos

Geotag your images as soon as possible! This is particularly important for businesses with a storefront.

Thus, Instagrammers can browse the photos taken there or even add their own, thus improving your photo library.


12. Use the right hashtags

Instagram - Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are super important for boosting your Instagram account. Indeed, this is the only way to discover photos on Instagram.

So, for each image, add a description. So, describe your photo and add keywords preceded by a hashtag (#).

Thus, your image is indexed by Instagram with this or these keywords. And your photos appear to the people who are looking for them.

Your photo stands out. You gain visibility. It is ideal for garnering “likes” and many subscribers.

To master hashtags:

  • Identify hashtags in your industry .
  • Mix very popular hashtags with less popular hashtags . So your photos not only appear in the most popular searches, but are not missing when an Instagram member searches for images with less common hashtags.
  • Use descriptive hashtags as soon as possible . If something comes up in an image, name it with a hashtag.
  • Use 5 to 10 hashtags per image . If you’re new to Instagram, you can use more to get followers. However, be careful to only use hashtags that are relevant to your photo.

Finally, imagine your own hashtag (#audreytips) to insert in your description of your different photos.

Note : according to the Blog of the Moderator , the top 10 hashtags in France are: #Love, #Paris, #Sun, #Instagood, #France, #Summer, #Picoftheday, #Friends, #Girl, #Happy.


13. Surf the hot topics

Instagram - Surfing hot topics

Surf the trends of the moment using the right hashtags.

If a hashtag related to your company or its offer is “trendy”, take the opportunity.

Of course, “trendy” hashtags get a lot of attention and the images don’t stay visible in the feed for long. But it’s still a great way to get known by many users.

Only do this when hashtags are relevant to your business. Otherwise, you risk disturbing your existing subscribers.

Several monitoring tools give the most popular web themes at the time of your publication:

  • Google Trends : gives the most searched keywords on the web by a country and in the last 24 hours,
  • Webstagram lists the most popular hashtags on Instagram…

14. Use emoticons 🙂

Instagram - Instagram - Use emoticons :-)

And yes, Instagram is above all a social network on mobile. And so emoticons are kings.

Do not hesitate to use them, in the description of your photos and also in the bio of your profile.


15. Think carefully about your legends

Boost Your Instagram Account - Think About Your Legends

As always in Digital Marketing, high quality content always attracts its audience.

So, to boost your Instagram account, spend some time also on writing the description of your images.

When you’re in a hurry to post a photo, the caption may be the last thing you want to think about. But a well-thought-out legend can make the difference.

Indeed, a legend full of spirit or humor strongly helps to obtain comments or collect likes. Because it elicits an emotional reaction.

In addition, descriptions with a question also encourage user engagement by getting them to comment.

16. Share regularly and at the right times

Instagram - Share regularly and at the right time

coschedule source )

Establish a routine for your publications.

1 to 2 publications per day seems ideal for creating a daily meeting with your subscribers.

According to Gregory  of inSG , several studies show that posting on Instagram in the morning (before 9 a.m.) and / or late afternoon (around 5 p.m.) are the best times to optimize your visibility.


17. Share your Instagram photos on other social networks

Share your Instagram photos on other social networks

On Instagram, it’s easy to share your photos directly on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Just select the right networks before you publish your work on Instagram.

It is a very relevant way to create emulation between your communities on different social networks.

If they already follow you on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, it is because they are obviously interested in what you offer.

So give them another way to connect socially with your brand.

However, not everyone subscribes to all social networks. Some people are more active on some networks than others.

This is why publishing the same content on several social networks is often positive for your visibility.

18. Follow your colleagues

Boost your Instagram account - Follow your colleagues

This tactic is particularly effective in obtaining more visibility.

Identify your main competitors and / or influencers in your industry.

The principle is as follows. Like Twitter , if you follow someone on Instagram, they tend to follow you too.

Since your competitors are influential in your industry, so people who follow their Instagram feed and those they follow also share the same interests, the same passions.

And since your goal is for these people to follow you, then start by following all of these Instagrammers out of the shadows.

Then, then, browse the members they follow and who follow them then select those that interest you by following them in turn.

Clearly, if you want to be followed, you must follow in return! Of course, favor active “Instagrammers” and abandon casuals.

Note : being mentioned by an influencer is a golden opportunity but I prefer to warn you that it is very difficult to obtain.


19. Interact with your subscribers

Instagram - Interact with your subscribers

When you post an image, you can use the description to invite readers to click on a link in your bio, or to “tag” their friends who they think will be interested in that image.

But, if you want your subscribers to interact with your publications, you will also have to interact with them!

Like and comment on other people’s photos are great ways to get noticed. It’s easy as pie and yet many people forget this very “human” part of social networks.

If you like a photo, like it. If you like the content that an account posts, tell it in the comments!

It will be that beneficial. The person will surely thank you for your nice comment and maybe even subscribe to your company account. At a minimum, she starts to know you.

So comment and respond to comments, like the photos you like, republish them if they stand out…


20. Use humor

Boost Your Instagram Account - Use Humor

Humor is a great way to connect with people.

Not only does humor demonstrate your great personality, it also makes an impression.

So, from time to time, show your humorous side to prove that you are on Instagram not only to sell, but also to communicate with real people.

In short, treat yourself with Instagram. Indeed, it is an excellent platform to simply engage your subscribers and strengthen your relationships over the long term.


21. Analyze your best publications

Analyze your best posts on Instagram

Understanding the success of some of your photos is essential to increase your engagement. So take the time to understand the reasons for the success of certain publications.

It’s the best way to challenge yourself and capitalize on your publications to be better, day after day.

Conclusion to shine on Instagram

The success of businesses on Instagram no longer rests on the simple publication of a few beautiful images.

To boost your Instagram account, also take into account these different areas:

  • A clear editorial line,
  • A regular publication,
  • Engagement with your subscribers.

When you combine all these ingredients, Instagram generates very good results for your business in accordance with your objectives.

Now that you know the methods to grow your list of followers on Instagram, “there is more than”!

Just be patient and the results will come.

And to give you a boost and save time, consider automating certain tasks on Instagram . But beware automation involves risks .

Remarks ? Any tips we forgot? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments!


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