Use Caption Pods for Insane Growth

This one is also self-explanatory. The whole idea here is sharing captions with other users to get more follows together collectively. You simply tell your followers to follow other accounts (that also have your name in their caption).

Sure, doing this is going to turn off some followers, but statistics show you’ll grow more together than trying to do it yourself.


Use Stories & Instagram Live When You Post to Get Additional Traction

Getting as many people as possible to like and comment on your post immediately after you upload it will drastically improve your chance of landing in the explore. Oftentimes, you’ll see people taking advantage of Instagram Live by telling their followers to go like and comment on their recent post. Niche and personal accounts both use this tactic to their advantage. Although it doesn’t look great (it looks pretty spammy), people continue to do it because of the results it gets.

Stories and Live are discussed in more detail in the Profile & Content Strategies chapter.

The Instagram Galleries feature was a long time coming. It didn’t take long for marketers to start using this to their advantage. This feature allows users to upload multiple pictures per post, which gave people the opportunity to have several reasons to like, comment, and share.

Oftentimes, what you’ll see, are people who use the galleries to upload a bunch of different posts related to their niche, and then the last few posts in the gallery will be an aggressive call to action.



The first post in the gallery is completely related to the niche.

This post a few scrolls over is a call to action for comments.

This post a few scrolls over is a call to action for likes.


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