With more than 800 million monthly active users, including 2 million advertisers, Instagram is an essential platform for anyone who wants to popularize their name, sell a product or promote their blog. But the competition is tough: boosting your Instagram visibility to gain more followers means knowing how to stand out from the crowd!

visibility instagram canva

As Instagram recommends, you have connected your account to your other social networks, you post photos, like, comment but your profile does not seem to take off? Beyond simple community management , it is time to step back on your image and question your identity because an Instagram visibility is a recognizable account among a thousand! Put yourself in the shoes of a stranger who discovers your feed: what does he see, what does he think of you? What comes out of your story? Is there consistency in the arrangement of your photos or is it a jumble of images posted hastily, without reflection? A social media strategyto follow to give real value to your online presence. And to make your task easier, after our article to teach you how to create your Instagram stories , we give you the fundamentals to know: here are the 10 golden rules to follow to have more followers on Instagram.

01. Instagram visibility: have a recognizable identity!

Dare to express your difference, do not be a copy of what works: be you! Don’t hesitate to reveal your lifestyle: share your tastes, the book you read, your favorite places, etc. Everything that makes up your universe and your daily life is a reflection of your personality. Play it.

visibility instagram claire marshall canva

Claire Marshall is a designer we love at Canva. On Instagram, his visibility is under the microscope. We see her in the places she loves, even in the privacy of her house.

If you are a brand, the best way to share your identity is to put a watermark on your photos. It can be a signature, your logo or an illustration, whatever. If you are an entrepreneur, our Instagram and Business article  : the 10 keys to success could serve you well! In addition to proving your professionalism, the integration of a watermark on your photos will give you 2 major advantages: you will be easily identifiable and your content will be inviolable because it will be marked with the seal of your brand. In addition, if your image is shared on other social networks, your name will be too: take advantage of this free advertising!

visibility instagram canva margaux lonnberg
graphic identity of the Margaux Lonnberg brand. A feed that bears the imprint of its universe

02. Optimize the quality of your photos with simple software

The quality of the images is non-negotiable for maximum Instagram visibility. Especially since there is no excuse: photo editing software on mobile, such as Aviary and Lightroom , give a professional result with a snap of your fingers. Thanks to these two applications, the most novice can obtain a more professional rendering. Thus, it is possible to increase or decrease the brightness, manage saturation, control the color balance and even, add effects and other details without end.

photo editing canva visibility instagram

Lightroom touch-up interface Play with filters but use them sparingly.

Indeed, if it is tempting to use different filters, it is strongly advised to limit yourself to the use of one or two filters in order to standardize your feed. Having a consistent grid is essential. Remember: photos with a common filter share a common story.

⇒ Tip: the two most used filters on Instagram are Clarendo and Valencia, as Roch Courcy noted, to read in one of my favorite news mines: the Quebec blog Isarta Infos .

But, always in order to stand out, do not hesitate to use those of other photo software. Aviary and Canva are full of exceptional filters! Canva is an all-in-1 editing tool that allows you to crop, edit, configure, filter and organize your images in a simple, fast and intuitive way. A 100% free solution for those in a hurry.

canva visibility instagram

Wide range of settings and filters on Canva

03. Play with color tones

To add flavor and harmonize your Instagram account, playing with color tones is a must. The same color scattered on several photos will give your grid immediate consistency even if the photos have nothing to do with each other. This is what Violette , the new Beauty Director of the Estée Lauder brand did on her account. T he orange tones that dot his various photos give the impression of a harmonious and controlled whole. Her Instagram visibility is highly inspirational!

visibility instagram violet canva
harmonization of the grid by color reminders on the account of @violette_fr

Also play on a dominant color, as does the Benefit brand which has incorporated the pink of its logo into all of its feed. This tangy pink, shelled over the posts, immerses the Instagram visitor in the Benefit universe at first glance!

benefit instagram canva
@benefitfrance has chosen the dominant color pink for his Instagram account

>04. Take care of the shooting

A good photo is first of all a good shot. Behind your camera, imagine yourself perceiving an Instagram image: think thumbnail in square format, framing and focus. Does this seem too long and complicated? The VSCO CAM application allows you to take a good snapshot quickly and securely thanks to the integrated grids and options. Very fluid, the application is adored by bloggers and other influencers! Once you know how to frame your photos, compose, crop, edit: everything is possible as long as the quality is present. Among the popular photographic content is the enhancement of details. Victoria, the founder of the Mango and Salt blog masters this point to perfection. Close-ups of food and details of objects givehis account a graphic and bright rendering.

visibility instagram mango and salt canva
the valuation of details by @MangoandSalt

Flat-lay or “flat-lay” is another trend that has been rife on networks for several years and especially on Instagram. It is about photographing a composition made with everyday objects or products to promote. The impact of these photographs on Instagram is strong because it gives the visual a real artistic power. So much so that there are sites that compile the best flat-lays. Pinterest is no exception , flat-lay is a passion for highly graphic Instagram visibility.

visibility instagram flat lay canva

Example of a flat lay from the @ tiffa.ny account

05. Plan your posts

later canva visibility instagram

Later app review

Successful Instagram visibility means planning, down to the last detail! Applications Iconosquare , Hootsuite and later are no longer present. Preview Also worth a visit: you can view the rendering of your images before they are online: precious! By managing and planning your posts, these software also allow you to control your feed. This editorial approach ensures your presence and your daily visibility. Our advice: try several programming software until you find the one that suits you best. Finally, to optimize the reach of your publications, find out about the best times to post your content. Depending on your type of activity, certain hours of the day encourage more engagement than others, inquire !

06. Know how to reference: the key to maximum Instagram visibility

When you post an image, the elements you add determine its distribution. For example, if you add your location, Instagram will integrate your image into searches for where you are. Your photo is likely to touch more people. The other element that determines the scope of your content is of course the hashtag. The rule below Instagram photos is not to exceed 30 hashtags. The more popular the hashtag, the more visibility your photo will gain. To find out if the ones you choose are popular, there are apps that tell you the most relevant # depending on your activity and / or theme. Our favorite hashtag directory? Tagsforlikes, for its ergonomics and efficiency 😉 You can also choose to have fun with hashtags to tell your picture, give a humorous touch to your quotes or send a message like Sandra de Mattéis under her Instagram photos.

canva visibility instagram
screenshot of a photo taken from Sandra’s account by Mattéis Sisley

07. Successful bio

Your account is talking about you, so take care of your presentation. Biography is the entry point into your universe. Knowing how to insert the right links is essential for loyalty and engagement on your account. For a properly referenced Instagram visibility, your bio must be clear and aligned, your Bio is what you represent. Regarding the definition of your universe or your brand, you have two options: either you opt for a short text (for example, the same used on your other networks), or you operate by keywords.

canva visibility instagram

screenshot of the Instagram account of the youtuber EnjoyPhoenix

You are on a visual social network, think of your bio as a visual object. Once your presentation is written, embellish it with illustrations. Emojis have their place here. You can for example enter the address of your social networks by the “phone” emoji, your email can be preceded by the “envelope” emoji, the “lipstick” emoji will indicate your make-up and beauty activities, etc. Also consider using these icons at special times of the year (back to school, Halloween, Christmas, etc.). Then enter the address of your website or blog. You do not have any ? Enter the address of another network where we can find you! This will create a communicating vase between your different platforms and expand your community. If you are a brand, also enter your postal address:

⇒ Original writing tip for good Instagram visibility: The configuration of the bio on Instagram does not allow lines to be skipped. To remedy this and make sure that the elements of your biography are properly aligned, type it first in any text entry application on your mobile or ipad (the “notes” application is entirely suitable) . Arrange your presentation as you wish (text, keywords, emails, social networks, emojis, etc.) then copy and paste the text on your Instagram profile.

canva visibility instagram sisley asos
(Left) the geolocation Bio by postal address. (Right) Asos uses emojis to brighten up their mailing address. Simple, efficient: geolocation by postal address

08. Quotations & messages: Instagram darlings

Messages and quotes are the stars of Instagram. Brands, influencers , simple users: all use this method of content distribution. This allows you to share an inspiration, a mood, a touch of humor. For businesses, these message posts are the means to announce a new product, a contest or a promotion. Essential for your Instagram visibility!

canva visibility instagram

screenshot of a photo taken from @_nopalea_ account

In addition to increasing your visibility, this type of content has the advantage of airing your feed. By inserting a quote or a message post between two photos, you enhance your content: navigation will be smoother and more pleasant for the user.

canva visibility instagram

On Instagram @nuxefrance alternates between images and quotes for an airy feed

Very popular, there are images of quotes intended for Instagram on a large number of sites including Pinterest , which remains the must in the matter. Just type “Instagram quotes” in the search bar and no doubt you will find one that will match your mood and style of the day.

⇒ Tip: The must? Make your own quotes, to embody your values. Want the quote posts to look like you? Canva templates will make you happy! By using the same background and the same typography each time, your quotes will be identifiable, we will recognize your touch.

09. Create original images with Canva

Nothing better to give credibility to your online presence than to distribute your own creations. There is a wide choice of pre-formatted templates for Instagram on Canva , all of which can be customized as desired. You can also choose to customize your own images. Once you have chosen your design, assemble, insert a message with the font of your choice (need inspiration? Go see our selection of stylish fonts ), affix the name of your brand or blog and post !

canva visibility instagram

Canva screenshot

10. Use the “Instagram Stories” function

canva instagram stories
screenshot of the stories feature on Instagram

While until then, Snapchat held the reins of online video, Instagram stories has just dethroned it with 200 million active users, as told in this very good article by Laurent Delahodde , Never seen. Insta Stories does 3 things: build loyalty, distract and strengthen your storytelling. The story is a video album produced by you. It is composed according to your liking of a parade of retouched images or not, of videos that you choose to make live or not. The Boomerang function creates a fresh and dynamic before / after effect that will perfectly enhance your story.The stories have become, in a short time, a major asset to maximize your visibility on Instagram. In addition to generating traffic and attracting new subscribers, stories appear in the first results of the news feed. Haven’t taken the plunge yet? It’s time to reconsider!



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